limited edition luxury

Our fine jewellery collections mirror our classic collections and are for special occasions. Each piece is either one-of-a-kind or one of a limited edition of typically less than ten.


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The inspiration of the Peace Collection comes from Islamic patterns and architectural designs and is aimed to promote awareness of the Islamic heritage, its beauty and richness. The Islamic eight-pointed star pattern is elegantly used in this collection in many different ways and blended with sparkling precious stones and gold. 



The Palm Collection is inspired by the date tree and is the first collection under our ‘nature’ line. Every element of the tree was used to create each beautiful, elegant piece.


The inspiration for this collection comes from the traditional Eqaam - jewellery worn beneath the chin to adorn and hold headscarves. It typically consists of two decorative silver triangular pieces, connected by silver chains. This type of jewellery is widely worn in the Sultanate of Oman and reflects our rich and unique heritage.


art deco

The inspiration for this collection comes from the Ghalamiyat, a type of earring commonly worn by married bedouin women in central Oman, made up by silver pyramids joined at the base to form a bead.



The Mushawak Collection is inspired by an old traditional Omani bangle - known for its soft spikes, and broadly worn in Oman and the rest of the Arabian Gulf. It is believed that these bangles were a sign of fertility with the spikes symbolising the breast. Thus, Mushawak bangles were worn by married women and girls from age of fourteen. 



The traditional Omani earring is used as a pendent in the Love Collection. The pendent and the circles symbolise the circle of love that the world shares.